Decorative Concrete Sealer

Do you have decorative concrete around your house? Were you able to give your decorative concrete and other architectural concrete that you have the finishing touch it needs? If not, then you should do so right away. By using a decorative sealer on them, you will be able to make sure that they are strengthened and protected from any harmful and damaging elements like water, weather, abrasives, and stains. Decorative concrete sealers will also protect against the sun, rain, extreme temperatures, de-icing salts, and petroleum. They can also make the cleaning of decorative concrete a lot easier. Using these sealers also helps in improving the color depth, uniformity, and appearance of your decorative concrete.

Decorative concrete sealers are basically water-based sealing and curing systems that can be used on interior or exterior, new or existing decorative, architectural or colored concrete work, which require regular maintenance that gives a low-gloss finish. These sealers are able to chemically repel water-based and oil-based substances, as well as other common contaminants, which in turn, offer protection for colored, multi-colored and decorative architectural concrete.

Decorative concrete sealers are able to increase the strength of the surface and its overall durability. They come in standard colors and custom colors. However, you need to make sure that the sealer you are using is friendly to the environment.

They are particularly used in those projects when a clear concrete sealer or a color-matched sealing and curing compounds are needed. They offer a revolutionary protective treatment that can work on all kinds of concrete, which reduces the formation of efflorescence. They also help to maintain the great appearance of decorative concrete for a long time. They seal, cure, dustproof and harden freshly poured concrete. They can also preserve the concrete’s natural look and prevent any cracking.

Before you apply a decorative concrete sealer, you need to first clean the concrete surface to make sure there are no dust, grease, oil, dirt particles or any other foreign matter. It would typically skin in around half an hour, harden in at least four hours and completely dry after one day. However, depending on the weather and type of concrete, the drying time may vary by one to eight hours. Also, before floor traffic is resumed, check if the sealer has already properly hardened.